Shipping Your Bengal Cat or Kitten

How It Works

  1. Aluren will ship to major airports from Philadelphia International Airport.
  2. Yes, this is a cost you cover to acquire your new kitten.
  3. This cost will usually run average $XXX to $XXX in many parts of the US if shipping cargo. If shipping counter to counter expect to pay a higher price. Counter to counter is generally $XX more than cargo. Both cargo & counter to counter are essentially the same with exception to where you pick up the kitten, at the arrivals terminal or at the aiport cargo facility. I almost always ship cargo. We have never had a cat have a problem during shipping.
  4. Prior to shipping your Bengal kitten, Aluren will have accepted full payment for the kitten. All kittens will be thoroughly checked by my vet prior to shipping your Bengal kitten. You will have a written agreement that insures you of your purchase rights.

We ship often and can assure you that this is not overtly stressful on kittens or adults. Responsible airlines are quite careful to only ship on days the the climate will not be adverse such as hot or cold days.

Airline Counter-to-Counter Service Pre-Book Cargo Check-In  

Average Cost 100 Size Kennel

Phone Number
American Airlines Priority Parcel Service No 1 Hour $XXX 800-867-5309
Delta Dash N/A 2 Hours $XXX 800-867-5309
United Air N/A N/A 2 Hours $XXX 800-867-5309
USAir PDQ Yes 1.5 Hours $XXX 800-867-5309

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TEXT ONLY: 856-305-8147


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