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Our New Stud - King Kong
Our New Stud - King Kong

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Loving Bengal Kittens – A Lifetime of Love

Bringing home the right Bengal Kitten or Cat is a leap of faith in your Breeder. We’ve built trust over 25 years with countless pets placed in loving homes.

Use our website to learn about the Bengal breed. As you explore and learn, you will experience first hand how our knowledge and history of Bengal cats back through they Asian Leopard cat is why we are your best choice.

Producing loving Bengal kittens for loving homes is what we’ve done best since near the time the Breed was created by Jean Mill in the 1980’s. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your specific Bengal questions.

Bengal Cat & Kitten Health Guide

Stuff about health for Bengals

Bengal Cat Types and Colors

Which one is best for you? Marble or Spotted?

Bengal Cat and Kitten Advice

How to care for your new kitten

Bengal Cat Safety

Keeping your Bengal cat safe and solutions to common problems

Bengal Cat Information

Information on commonly asked questions about Bengal cats.


Let's work together to keep keep your Bengal healthy


Learn what it takes to be a Bengal cat owner.

Marble Bengal Male Cat by Aluren

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We want 100% Bengal pet owner  satisfaction

Pat's been a friend since assisting me years ago in becoming a breeder. I once retired from breeding.

I now breed on a small scale, she's been instrumental in support. My most recent family member is from Pat's cat family. Thank you again, Pat. My Pixie cat brings a lost smile to my face. #pixiecat

Follow her on Instagram, PixieElite
Lars Hindsley
Published Author, Managing Editor, Sr SEO Analyst
When we brought Celia home to meet Zoe, I was confident our new Bengal and Tabby would best friends.

I'm happy for our new addition to the family and our Bengal is as loving to our other cat as she is to us.

Bengals are loyal. Bengals won't run away as they grow independent. Bengals respect those that take care of them as they mature.
Sarah Elyse Allen
Sarah Allen
Acrobatic Performer
We have been extremely blessed to have purchased three incredible Aluren Bengals!

Stanley Mufasa (Inferno father storyteller line) is 3 years old and exactly the "Laid back, sweet and favorite baby" that you had described. Peaches Marshmallow is a wonderful snow seal point Bengal Cat.

Simba Jake (Junglejoy storyteller and Avana Harvest Gold parents) was such a loving and amazing Bengal cat. Since he passed away from osteosarcoma almost two years ago, Simba has been missed terribly everyday by the humans, two Bengals and our Siberian Husky, Hercules in the Alessio Zoo 🙂
The Alessios

Friendly Bengal CAT Gallery

Bengals With Great Contrast Vivid As Kittens and as Adults

News & Updates

Bengal Kittens Expected Summer 2021

Pictures Soon!

Aluren Famous of Blanche Neige

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Bengal Kittens by Aluren

Bengal Kittens are Coming Spring 2020

We have Bengal kittens arriving March/April 2020. Contact us by phone or email for information and deposit details.
Bengal Cat Rosettes

Bengal Cat Answers | What Is A Rosette?

Bengal Cat Answers | What Is A Rosette? Rosettes are defined as a rose shape marking. In the world of…
Bengal kitten in a bucket

Bengal Kittens Coming!

Arriving Winter/Spring 2022

Text or email to be on the waiting list and get your deposit in!
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