Bengal Kitten Health Guide

The care of your Bengal Kitten or Cat comes in many forms. Here we focus on Bengal Cat Health.

Aluren’s Bengal kittens have a health guarantee, but you must do your part.


  1. Start by feeding your kitten well. But don’t feed it junk food. You want an adult cat that is healthy and well behaved. It may seem hard but refrain from feeding it human food like chicken or beef until it reaches 4 to 6 months of age. During its youth, this will adjust your kitten to eating from its cat dish, without the impulse of eating from your plates. For my program, I feed my cats dry and wet food (wet food = canned). They get wet food no less than once and week, usually 3 times per week.
  2. NO MILK! Contrary to the thought, it is bad for your kitten. If you feel the need to serve up milk, then see your vet for milk replacement or search out milk in pet isle exclusively for cats. Yes, you can find it in grocery stores. I see to it my kittens get some milk in their diet.
  3. No fish! Again, you will learn this is not good for cats.
  4. Keep to the breeders diet for the first week. When you bring home your new addition, you may have your own favorite food to feed your cats, however, an abrupt change in diet can affect your kitten’s health. Stick to the breeders feeding program for at least 3 to 4 days at the least. Then change to the new food gradually.
  5. Fresh water! Keep it fresh for the same reason you wouldn’t want to drink a glass that’s been sitting for a day.

Health Program

  1. First visit 8 weeks (BY BREEDER)
  2. Fecal examination for parasites
  3. Blood test for feline leukemia
  4. A full examination of kitten and external check for parasites
  5. Felovac IV (killed) Vaccine (for upper respiratory common diseases) Feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia, Chlamydia, No 1 of 3 shots.

Any earlier may be suppressed by the kittens’ immune system since its mother’s milk would provide Modified live is not recommended.

Second visit 12 weeks (Kitten now in your care)

10.A full examination of kitten and external check of parasites

11.Felovac IV, second shot (or shots.)

12.Feline leukemia No. 1 of 2 shots

13. Discuss recommendations in altering. I am against it.

Third visit 16 weeks

14. Feline leukemia vaccine shot 2 of 2.

15.Rabies vaccination

At this point, it would be a good idea to schedule the third Felovac shot.

Advice from an Expert

You may have owned a dog as well as a cat. You’re dog probably travels well. Start your cat on that same path. Start young, and your cat will not be a scaredy cat. As a breeder, I provide your new kitten with those first few car trips and socialization of the ‘out of doors’. You should continue the pattern. Don’t force your kitten inside when calling it in. Give it a chance to do so on its own. The same goes for bathing your Bengal. Bengals love water, but let them learn on their own. Don’t fear, soon you will be able to bath your Bengal cat without any worries of claws and hair everywhere.

Like your furniture? Get a cat tree. Period. Buy it or make it. And your cat will provide you with hours of entertainment as well as solace in the knowledge that your good couch is not your Bengal’s scratching post.

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