Bengal cats come down many generations from the Asian Leopard Cat. The ALC (Felis Bengalensis) thus the name, Bengal. ALC’s are approximately 10 pounds in weight with large eyes and pronounced whisker pads. These cats are found living along the rivers from Siberia to Bali and Kashmir to the Sea of Japan. This cat lives in dens and swims well.

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The Bengal Cat is currently registered with TICA and CFF. Our Bengals were created to preserve the beauty and look of their wild relatives. These cats are very affectionate, intelligent, active, and good with dogs and children. They are truly tuned into their owners. They mature from eight to twenty pounds – the males being on the larger end of the scale. They have spectacular pelt coats that are usually tipped with gold glistening.

Bengals come in several colors and two patterns, leopards and marbles.

Let’s start with the colors of popular Bengal cat types:

  • Brown Spotted Tabby: Ranging from pale gold/orange background with brown or black spots up to a deep charcoal color.
  • Snows: Seal Lynx Pt – blue eyes, Seal Mink – aqua eyes, Seal Sepia – gold or green eyes.
  • Silvers: Silver undercoat with black markings.

Bengal kittens are born very spotted, but go through the ‘fuzzies’ which correlates with the camouflage stage that wild cubs go through in the jungle. Bengal kittens can take up to a year to develop their full color and pattern.

The more stable temperament can be found in SBT kittens – this lettering indicates 4 generations of Bengal to Bengal breeding. No out-crossing to other breeds or ALC’s this far back assures you of the true Bengal kitten and domestic temperament.

Our kittens are raised in our home, with our children, birds, and dogs. They are part of our family. They are FEL and FIP negative and have their shots and are wormed before leaving – anytime after 10 weeks.

If you are in search of an exceptional Bengal Breeder, Aluren has been breeding Bengals for years. You can rest assured you have a pure-bred (SBT) Bengal.

Aluren Cattery Provides you this site to learn about Bengals. We encourage you to call us, we want to be your Bengal Cat source, it takes good human nature to raise Bengals. So don’t be a stranger. Call Pat at Aluren for your new family addition.

Aluren’s Bengals were even featured in the Hollywood George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer romantic comedy, One Fine Day.

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