How to reach me for your own Bengal kitten.

Please, TEXT me first. 🙂  Or EMAIL me with your number to call. Why? I have received too many spam calls to accept calls from any caller I’m not familiar with. I always answer emails and we can speak by phone. I’m not a young person with tech skills. My passion and profession are breeding with over 40 years of experience. My family works with all animals including horses. 

Many people have contacted me with concerns over fake breeders. A real breeder will be registered with T.I.C.A. or other world registry.  Florida has rigorous rules we abide by. Have confidence you are dealing with a true breeder with the benefit of being one of the most recognized and respected for the quality of Bengal cats we produce. 

Litter of snow leopard Bengal kittens by Aluren
These five snow leopard Bengal kittens are known as 'minks' with aqua blue eyes.

KITTENS! Ready Now!

We have one male (in the photo above of 5 snows on a wicker chair) born May 14th, 2023. Email Pat for pictures.

BENGAL KITTENS! Born September 2023

September 6, 2023.
Sire: Avalanche
Dam: Cloud Formation
Four kittens: One mink clouded female, One brown clouded Female, and Two brown clouded boys.

Email me for pictures. 

TICA Registered Kittens

Aluren is a  TICA registered cattery: #6156. In fact, we are a TICA Cattery of Excellence! If you don’t see a Bengal kitten you like, we have other Bengals available. From adolescents to retiring queens and studs. If you are a breeder in search of a stud or queen, we have top-quality blood lines and champion stock.

Our Bengal Sires

We have kittens available now from both Mayor and Avalanche.  Email us to inquire.

SIRE: Mayor

Sire: Mayor

Mayor's a beautiful clouded stud.

Sire: Avalanche

Sire: Avalanche

Avalanche is a sepia snow leopard Bengal.

SIRE: King Kong

Sire: King Kong

King Kong is a lover not a fighter. So friendly!

Sire: Inferno

Sire: Inferno

Inferno makes beautiful colorful Bengal kittens!

SIRE: Mayor

Sire: Mayor

Mayor's a beautiful clouded stud.

Dam: Nina

Dam: Nina

Double rosetted. Fabulous mother.

KITTENS FROM: Mayor & Nina

Nina’s litter was born on December 13th. We have two boys from Mayor and Nina remaining and available. 


Bengal Kittens Can be purchased with specific rights. Email for Pricing.

Kittens & Adults: TICA Registered

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Adults & Kittens with Breeding Rights

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Our Address

11319 Mellow Court
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Hobby Breeder Permit: W3 HB 18 P1384585

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TEXT ONLY: 856-305-8147


Aluren Bengal Breeders

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