FIP in Bengals

FIP is not exclusive to Bengals, of course. Any breed of cat can be exposed. However, arming yourself with the right information can negate the chance of your beautiful Bengal from contracting the disease.

What is FIP?

It is an immune-mediated infectious disease of cats. Feline Infectious Peritonitis. It is hard to prevent. There are measures you can take. First lets get some facts:

25% of cats world wide will be exposed to a coranavirus. The coranavirus group includes the FIP virus, along with other related viruses. It is undetermined if exposure will result in FIP. Once symptoms of FIP result the disease cannot be effectively treated or cured. In almost all cases, FIP is fatal.

How Does FIP Spread?

Most commonly by mouth or nose. FIP can be carried by urine, feces or saliva of infected hosts. It has been speculated (but highly unlikely) that it can even be carried by clothing, feeding dishes, even insects. FIP is not stable outside the host cat, this means if you simply wash your clothing and dishes with a household detergent you will remove this variable.

Warning Signs

Early Advanced
Loss of Appetite Abdomen Swells (Called Wet FIP)
Weight Loss Breathing Difficulty
Depression Discharge from Eyes and/or Nose
Fever Partial or Complete Paralysis of the Hind Legs
Personality Changes

Wet FIP: Cats abdomen swells with fluid as a result of widespread injury to the circulatory system. This type FIP which causes the swelling is painless. Fluid may also accumulate in the chest cavity which would cause breathing problems.

Dry FIP: The more drawn out form if FIP is called Dry FIP due to little fluid build up in the abdomen.

How do I confirm my Cat has FIP?
A biopsy is the only way to establish with certainty.


  • Multiple Cat Household
  • Allowing Cats Out of Doors
  • Overcrowding
  • Stress from Malnutrition
  • Cats Treated with High Doses of Steroids
  • Drugs that Suppress Immune System
  • Young & Old Cats
  • Exposure to Cats with FLV or FIP
  • Purebreds


To date, None can reverse the illness.

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